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Carbon Busters® Inc., founded in 1992, specializes in increasing the end-use efficiency and decreasing the environmental impact of communities and buildings. We achieve this through a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates zero carbon design, carbon accounting, education, renewable energy, PassivHaus, LEED® and advanced green building practices.

Some Carbon Busters highlights:

Carbon Busters is developing zero carbon PassivHaus homes in the Edmonton area.

For information on Carbon Busters' zero carbon village for Alberta, click on the image on the right.

Two of Carbon Busters' principals were instrumental in setting up a non-profit company, C-Returns, to provide energy and carbon assessments and green retrofits for Alberta homes and communities.

Carbon Busters created a Green Guide for Businesses for the Greening the Avenue Foundation.

Carbon Busters was selected as part of a finalist team for the design of the energy plus Olympic and Paralympic Village and the PassivHaus Media Village for the proposed 2018 Winter Olympics in Munich.

Carbon Busters works with municipalities in North America and Europe to reduce their carbon footprint and costs. Savings generated to date exceed $26.6 million in utility savings, and over 78 million kg CO2e in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Carbon Busters research is shared with industry experts and the general public through its public presentations and publications available from our website and local bookstores.

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Carbon Busters has been awarded Gold Champion level reporting status by the Canadian Standards Association for all of its greenhouse gas reduction action plans.

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